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Why can't I import FX and Group Channels using "Song Import"

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asked Jun 2, 2018 in Studio One 4 by rosshillard (180 points)

Why can't I import FX and Group Channels using "Song Import" It seems to be because I created them in the mixer and not the arrange window? why are these not 1:1? 

Also as a statement (sent to presonus tech support) I would like to add:

Firstly I really do like Studio One as I am a writer and studio owner, However, it appears PreSonus have utterly missed the point of Pro tools session data "song Import" We all (Pro tools users) use this feature so we can apply the song settings over existing songs when recording albums i.e if we are mixing drums we want all our drums, bass and guitars to have the same starting point so where is the match tracks option? (ie drop the inserts, sends levels and chains over existing tracks) the way you have done it is pointless as I cant import the song data in and then drag the audio tracks onto it because I can't move the layers individually. Also in the demo video it shows that you can import groups and Fx channels as per tools but these are not visible in my import song data section. All it shows is the audio, which as says is pointless. I've spent all day trying to merge session templates with another session to try and get around this, which is also wiggy as the templates import ghosted audio that I cannot see into the session that plays along with the new track. I've now invested a considerable amount of time and money into this program as I read initially that Studio One 3 imported session data. this was clearly false news, Thus my fault, but you have promised it for studio One 4 and missed the point. I'm very disappointed with this update. I feel like I've wasted my time and money. PreSonus is great for working with Midi and audio but working on albums with the import is still poor! AAF only imports the tracks on the arrange window and not the playlists so its no good unless the project is 100% ready to mix, so again its all a little half baked. Rant over. Disappointed. This is not worth converting from Pro tools as you advertise as it just doesn't do the job. The irony is that I'm sure most people would love to leave Avid as they are an abhorrent company but it's just not quite there and I'm not sure I can wait another 3 years and waste more time and money. I'd Like my money back please!

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answered Jun 22, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,400 points)
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Currently, Import Song Data only optionally includes busses if the bus channel exists in arrange an by default, Studio One's bus channels only initially exist in the console.  To make that happen, right click any bus fader and Edit Automation to represent them in the arrange space.   Any song saved that way (even if those arrange bus automation tracks are hidden) will allow importing the bus channels and routing.