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Expand - Import Song Data - by enabling saving track/fx/auto/midi,etc to Pool for later use (and other songs)

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asked Jul 3, 2019 in Editing by michaelpardus1 (2,650 points)
In BITWIG there is brilliant function added in Browser (closest here is Pool section). You have special section in browser for your items (Pool but for FX, Automations, etc.). You can store there any track, midi or even whole fx chain or channel settings form any song and keep it there as in clipboard (but forever). I know we have Import Song Data now, but this is more flexible and easier to use. You can simply click on any track and save it to this private browser section (Pool?) for later use, you can save whole track. Midi or fx settings, automation, and name it while saving. It would be great to have such private browser section in Studio One, just drag and drop - name it and save it for later (choosing with tick boxes what to save, audio, midi, automation,fx, or all. Simple and very useful. Especially for fx chains for your vocals etc. Keep song import data just add this to browser section (Pool?).

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answered Aug 19, 2019 by Nip (3,130 points)
I think Scratch Pad in StudioOne would help - but not sure about all features you mention.
But you can read up on that in manual a bit.