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Please fix and/or complete the Import Song Data feature - it is broken and incomplete as is.

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asked Aug 19, 2019 in Editing by Dubnick (320 points)
First of all, the fact that Import Song Data does not include the option of including or excluding routing, including inputs and outputs of channels, not just sends, is just baffling. It's as if the person charged with developing Studio One's version of this long standing feature in Pro Tools (and other DAWs) never bothered to research how it was most often used or how it was implemented in other programs.

This wouldn't so much be an issue if it weren't for the fact that importing song data from one session to another consistently breaks the routing set up in the template, even when all receiving channels are imported from said template in addition to those sending signal by way of their outputs and sends.

It's as if no one there understood that a big part of the reason one would want to have templates in the first place is so they don't have re-set-up complex routing schemes that they use in every session. That is quite literally the main reason working engineers and producers need this feature. And it does not work correctly in Studio One at all. Just shocked that no one mentions this.

Also, in the Import Song Data menu, you can't deselect any subfolders or instruments from within a parent folder in any session template without the parent folder being deselected and not imported, breaking the routing on a whole different level. Like, what is the logic in this?

I am so baffled at how poorly this is done considering this is a key feature for anyone who is working day in and day out with this stuff. This feature is incomplete to the point of actually making the task it is supposed to expedite take even longer because you have to fix what studio one screws up.

A lot of talk about S1's potential out there, but stuff like this makes that talk seem like a bad joke. Please fix or finish this feature. Thanks.

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