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Headphone assignment with Studio One 4 using Studiolive series 3 for monitoring during recording - cue vs aux?

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asked Jun 6, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by thomashuntington1 (350 points)
Trying to do something very simple. I'm recording into Studio One 4 with StudioLive series 3. Both new. Protools user for years, but never monitored through computer for recording. One side headphones off the ear worked for me:)

I'm recording tracks and monitoring the mix to play along. Using the headphone jack coming out of the front of the board from the main mix, but the fader has to be up to work, sending main signal to my studio monitors.  Click track bleeding through to mic. So I can turn off my powered monitors, but with all this switching power, I know there must be a way.....

I would like to make an aux mix or a "cue" mix (what is difference?) and then use the headphone jack on the mixer to monitor it instead of using a headphone amp with sends from the back of the machine to a headphone amp. I see the routing screen for board headphones, but changing headphone source to anything but main is not working.

Is this something to be routed in Studio One, UC controller, StudioLive? Should I be feeding my studio monitors from the "monitor" jack on the back instead of the "main"?

Thanks for your help,

Thom Huntington
Slippery Tail Studios

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answered Jun 7, 2018 by jonnydoyle (382,530 points)
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Please review the following document that will help you with the setting up of headphone mixes.


The key thing to remember is that the mixer works both as a controller for Studio One and as a interface for audio. So depending on your setup you may need to come out of DAW mode to control headphones mixes etc. There is no right way, just the way you would prefer.