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Smart timeline scrolling and zooming.

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asked Jun 7, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by donaldfincher (660 points)
It's great that the timeline can be used to scroll and zoom the song page by utilizing the horizontal and vertical axis of mouse movement. However, I find that when I want to scroll with a mouse movement of a few inches or more on the screen that I get wild zooming fluctuations. If you added some code that calculated an average slope for the mouse movement over the last say 20ms, then you could scale the scrolling and zooming appropriately. For instance, say I moved the mouse over and down by a ratio of 5:1, then you can clearly see that the user's intention is mainly to scroll sideways. Therefore, I suggest reducing the amount of zoom by a factor of 5. This would result in far smoother scrolling and zooming.

To recap, find the ratio of the x to y axis movement. Now determine a reduction factor by dividing the smaller number in the ratio by the larger one. Then reduce the scrolling or zooming along the axis with the smaller mouse movement by multiplying the amount of movement that currently would happen by the reduction factor.

Of course there are many ways to implement such an idea. I merely gave this example to make it clear what I am proposing.

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answered Jun 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,340 points)
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