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Advanced Pattern Editor and Impact XT

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asked Jun 9, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by eiphenellden (940 points)
recategorized Jun 14, 2018 by eiphenellden


The new pattern editor is a great addition, however, in its current state, it feels more like a gadget than an everyday GOTO tool. I'd like to give some suggestions so it becomes the only beat tool any SO user would want to use.

Currently, the available automations are : Velocity, Repeat, Probability => It misses : Pan, Fine Shift, Shift, Octave.

The editor pattern should include also some predefined 'automation' curves like ramp up, ramp down, sin, cos, triangle, square up, square down, log curve, exp curve, pow curves, random... with the ability, through a key + mouse drag to choose the amount of the chosen curve.

The second part that struggles to feel complete to me is Impact XT. While it is way better than Impact with no doubt, it has some flaws that should be improved : the layer editor is not very comfy (please at least make a vertical view instead of horizontal), add some (many) included FXs like reverbs, distortions, comps, eqs, and more... all chainable and per layer/per pad. Not just a few filters like in the current version. Even a limited number of 4 FX per pad and/or layer would be still be a lot more usable and fun.

Those ideas, I just stole them from Geist 2 actually.. I think you should definitely check how it is working and grab concepts from there because the editor and sound modifications are pretty great in this plugin !



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answered Jun 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (906,660 points)
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