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Additional Pattern functionality to ImpactXT

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asked May 2, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by mauricem2 (670 points)

Like in FL Studio, design the Pattern function/drum roll to have a piano roll feature within. Example: if the "C3" note is linked to hi-hats in Impact then you would be able to you click a further function that would activate the piano roll to change pitch, modulation, panning, volume, and other effects. 

This is highly time-efficient because when I want to make beats, I would put the baseline in the pattern as part of Impact because the bass typically follows the kick. With the above feature, all I would have to do is go into the editor within the piano roll to change the notes within the pattern. Workflow improved by 200%!

Right now, I am using my custom-made template where I use multiple instances of Sample One for my drums and use patterns. Using this made changing pitches easier for drums than Impact.

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