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Studiolive 24 hooked to 24R as stagebox and 4 Earmix stations recording and monitoring from StudioOne 4 workflow

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asked Jun 14, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by labmanager (240 points)
I believe I have more of a workflow question than technical. I'm a tech and audio savvy kind of guy however, I feel like I missing something silly or my old school workflow is flawed...

I am running Studio One 4 pro on a Mac Pro with Sierra OS hooked up via USB to StudioLive 24 series 3 which is connected to the presonus SW5E AVB switch which is connected to StudioLive 24R and 4 Earmix 16Ms for monitoring. The Studiolive 24r is setup in stagebox mode.

First issue...

My workflow used to be... channels 1 through 24 on studiolive would use USB as the input source and I setup studio one as a one to one input and output routing (ie channel 1 from SL24 to Channel 1 of studio one then output 1 to channel 1 of SL 24) this allowed me to use studio one simply as a recording device and the SL24 as my mixer (just like the old days) I could then setup up my headphone mixes (ie Mix 1 would be mono headphone feed for bassist, Mix 2 Mono headphone mix for drummer, etc) this was great, could add a bit of verb to mix 1 control my TB and then give them an iPhone to control there individual mixes (ie phone 1 controlled mix 1 for bassist phone 2 controlled mix 2 for drummer etc)

Now in order to avoid analog wire noise and also have a backup rack mixer for remote gigs I thought the SL24R would work perfect as a stage box in the studio and run one network cable to the SL24 then select network as my input source and keep the same workflow. Not quite, using the same template in studio one if I select USB as my input source on the SL24 and have my record and monitor buttons activated like before the I get a digital feedback loop. I really think this is simply a digital routing issue on my part but just not wrapping my head around it. I like to monitor the tape return when recording so I can easily punch in for overdubs and by using the USB return as my input this is very simple. My Mac Pro handles the lower bit rate fine so latency isnt an issue.

Second issue...How do I get reverb from my FX channels to the earmix and How do I get my TB from the console to the ear mix? Im not big on the idea of using my mixes outputs to create a submix of  each instrument ie MIx 1 and 2 stereo mix of drums sent to earmix 1 and 2 and linked, Mix 3 Bass sent to earmix 3 etc... this would mean I'd have to setup mixes for each instrument. I would rather send channels 1 through 16 to the earmix (which I've figured out by using the AVB sends

I hope this explanation makes sense and I'm just missing something silly or maybe you can just offer how you are doing your workflow with the same gear.

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