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Workflow when using 24r as recording interface with Studio One

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asked Sep 19 in Studio One 5 by JSeliski (160 points)
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Presonus 24R

iMac (late 2013 3.5 Ghz Quad i7  32 ram

1. Recording 15 live tracks into Studio One

2. CAT5 and USB connected to recording computer

3.  Running Studio One and UC surface (OK on same computer)

4.  Need to route inputs to appropriate recording channels

5.  Record tracks

6.  Play back channels for overdubs on various tracks


At this point how do I route the playback channels for cues?  Need to monitor in studio and send a different mix to the studio - which software does that?   I can adjust the studio mixes from control room at this point (i realize I can use the iPad eventually)

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