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instrument track actual tempo different from ruler bars, doesn't match ruler, how to fix?

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asked Jun 22, 2018 in Studio One 3 by jbmack (170 points)
edited Jun 22, 2018 by jbmack
Right now it is labeled at 122 bpm but in actuality it's something closer to 170 bpm, is there an easier way to fix this than to guess using the stretch function and try to match the instrument track to the ruler?  Is there another way to correct the mislabeling of 122 bpm so studio one interprets it as it's actual 170 bpm?

I can't use tempo tap to correct the appears stretching is the only way to match the track to the ruler, but there is no precision allowed with the stretch just have to guess the number at which to stretch the track which is very hard if you are not a mathematical genius.

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