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Missing command for macros: select chord track

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asked Jun 23, 2018 in Editing by wibem (650 points)
No command for selecting the chord track exists. I wanted to build a macro to transpose the chord track, but that seems to be impossible with macros, because you can't select the chord track and make operations on it. Please add the missing command.

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answered Jun 25, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,060 points)
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Studio One's edit actions like that are contextual.  For example, you can't transpose a track or clip if no track or clip is selected, etc, etc.  What you seem to want is for the action Edit > Transpose Chords to have arguments, so that you can, for example, fire a command to transpose all chords by +2 with no dialog appearing.  Even if you could select it currently, you'd still have to enter the value in a dialog.

In many if not all cases, the target (clips, arranger blocks, chord blocks, etc) have to be selected to direct an action to them.  Selecting a track of any type doesn't necessarily also select the objects on that track.

If you also want to direct the edit focus to those types of tracks with actions, request a focus action with arguments such as Set Focus: (argument: Marker Track or Arranger Track etc).