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In the chord track, how do I select a range of chords and so that I can move them as a group (shift them a bar or two)?

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asked Jun 1, 2020 in Editing by jerryconnolly (1,190 points)
I insert chords manually into the chord track.  A couple of times I have missed a chord somewhere in the middle and had to go back and insert the missing chord.  In order to insert a chord in the middle of a sequence in the chord track it seems that I must select the range of chords to the right of the insert point and move them as a group to create the needed space for the new chord to be inserted.  I cannot find a way to select a range of chords without shift-clicking on each chord.  There must be an easier way!  Any thoughts?

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answered Jun 5, 2020 by jerryconnolly (1,190 points)
I'm answering my own question.  You can click-and-drag to select a range of chords but you must initiate the click in a blank space in the chord track that is adjacent to the group of chords you intend to move.  So, if you have a continuous sequence of chords and need to move only some of them, you must first click and drag a chord at one end of the group to be moved and shrink it horizontally thus creating some blank space.  Then you can click-and-drag from the blank space across the group of chords to be moved.