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SLIII Route two different Aux mixs to one output

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asked Jun 25, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by RickH (980 points)
edited Jun 27, 2018 by RickH
Is it possible to route two separate aux mix’s to the same mix out.


Aux Mix 1 & 2 and Aux mix 15 & 16 (each mix having different EQ & processing) on same analog out so I can mointor on the same Speakers
Mix 1 & 2 on console 1 & 2 out then try to patch 15 & 16 to same out, when I do, it disconnects mix 1 & 2 from that output.  


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answered Jul 5, 2018 by benpierce (98,890 points)
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There is no way to do that on the console. You could connect your speakers to the monitor output and then you could easily cue the monitors from whatever mix you want quickly. You still couldn't monitor 2 mixes simultaneously though.

(If you hit the edit button under the monitors and phones knobs, it will bring up the list of mixes so you can quickly switch).