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Capture without Firewire or long Distance Firewire?

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asked Jul 2, 2018 in Studio One 4 by sebastiangrbe (120 points)
I have a Set Up Problem and maybe the Solution is rather simple - or it needs some thinking out of the box.

I use the RM32 in a Church Building. The Mixer is located right next to the stage, so we do not have to pull cables through the walls. The guy who runs our Audio sits in the back of the Room using an IPad. This works quite well so far. However, we do recordings of each service. The Recording Computer is located in the back of the room as well. So far we use an old Multicore to sent a signal to a SoundCard an then we use AudaCity at a windows PC to record. The quality is rather poor and I'd like to use capture for recording. Now, as I understand there needs to be a direkt Cable connection between the Mixer and the Computer via FireWire. As far as I know a firewire cable connection only works with a distance of 1.5m? The distance between Mixer and PC is about 20 meters I guess. Is there any workaround to do the recording if the Mixer is in the front and the PC in the back? I just saw a setup in the manual where they use an AI Network Adapter. Is that the way to do recording via Network?

Sorry if this is trivial, but I work as pastor, not as a technician.

Best Regards S.

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