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Capture hangs when closing Capture or a Capture file

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asked May 1 in StudioLive Series III by egri5th (310 points)
Capture on Windows 10-64 bit, 32R, Capture via USB and Studiolive III driver.

Capture hangs when closing a recording or closing the program. If I save the recording prior to attempting to close I am able to access the recording later without error.  The problem only occurs when closing a session or the program.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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answered Jun 22 by Michael Martin (81,200 points)
Please contact Technical Support via Ticket and report your issues. This needs further troubleshooting that goes beyond what Answers can provide.
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answered Jul 4 by egri5th (310 points)
selected Jul 4 by egri5th
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Seeing that no one else is experiencing this problem I am assuming that the problem is on me.

I have uninstalled Capture completely and then rebooted the computer.  I then reinstalled Capture using all of the Presonus install defaults. This seems to have resolved the problem.