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How do I stop recording midi notes during the pre-roll?

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asked Jul 10, 2018 in Studio One 3 by michellehammond (130 points)
I'm using a new user to Studio One and am using a Mac.  I have a piano track that I am trying to add on to in the same track in subsequent bars (with more piano) and want the pre-roll to play along to before I start recording the new section.  But with both pre-roll OR pre-count anything I play on the keyboard prior to where I've put the record marker is getting recorded.  I've de-selected in Audio settings the 'pre-record in audio input' just in case this matters, but it didn't do anything to help.  I've also tried doing this as a punch in recording thinking maybe this will limit the recorded notes ONLY to after the recording starts, but it doesn't and I am completely mystified what I am doing wrong.  Any help will be greatly appreciated (to say the least).

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answered Aug 10, 2018 by kjellroarmyklebust (190 points)
I have the same problem when recording drums using Superior Drummer 3. Sometimes it works as intended if I open the plugin window and close it again, but it doesn't always help. I had to stop using the Replace recording mode to stop this, which means I have to manually delete all midi notes prior to recording from the point where I'm starting off to avoid overlaps (which gets old really fast). Seems to me like this is a bug, and I hope there's a fix for this coming soon. If it isn't a bug, I would also sure like to know what I'm doing wrong.