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How do I stop recording midi notes during the pre-roll?

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asked Jul 10 in Studio One 3 by michellehammond (120 points)
I'm using a new user to Studio One and am using a Mac.  I have a piano track that I am trying to add on to in the same track in subsequent bars (with more piano) and want the pre-roll to play along to before I start recording the new section.  But with both pre-roll OR pre-count anything I play on the keyboard prior to where I've put the record marker is getting recorded.  I've de-selected in Audio settings the 'pre-record in audio input' just in case this matters, but it didn't do anything to help.  I've also tried doing this as a punch in recording thinking maybe this will limit the recorded notes ONLY to after the recording starts, but it doesn't and I am completely mystified what I am doing wrong.  Any help will be greatly appreciated (to say the least).

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