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Looking for help: My AudioBox22VSL records every track on a level that is way too low .

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asked Jul 11 in AudioBox VSL Series by ironmade (200 points)


I'm trying to record simple mono tracks, but my AudioBox22VSL seems to strike.

I connected several different instruments (digital piano, microphone, FAS-AX8) via XLR into channel 1 of the AudioBox and adjusted a high, but sensible level. But when recording, only about 10% of the possible volume is reached (see screenshot)!
This is a huge problem, as this makes the AudioBox unusable for me. Also, I tested this in two different DAWs (Studio One 2 Producer and Reaper) - still the same problem.

Does anybody know how to solve this?
Is it a software problem or is my AudioBox broken?

Greetings, Peter

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answered Jul 11 by TXbluzmn (600 points)
selected Jul 11 by benpierce
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Make sure the record level of your Audiobox is not turned down in Windows.

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answered Jul 13 by ironmade (200 points)

Hey TXbluzmn,

This is embarassing for, but see screenshot - the whole issue is now solved. Thanks for the quick response and have a nice day!