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16.0.2 on Sonar X3 Producer records low volume on each channel but Master bus is very loud and clipping

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asked Oct 31, 2017 in Classic Mixers by marcusleblanc1 (130 points)
I am trying to figure out why the Master Bus in Sonar X3 Producer is very loud compared to the 2 channels I recorded on. I have the output device set to ASIO and mapped the inputs and outputs in Sonar. I have searched Google and this forum and haven't been able to find any information. Here is what I did.

Acoustic guitar -> Mic1 -> Channel 1 on 16.0.2 -> Presonus Channel 1 Left

Acoustic guitar -> Mic2 -> Channel 2 on 16.0.2 -> Presonus Channel 1 Right

The levels on each channel are very low, however the Master Bus is very loud and clipping. I only hear sound when selecting Presonus Channel 1/Stereo. Changing it to any other channel produces no sound. I am not using WDM, but ASIO. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction?

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