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When recording a second track, that track also records the first track. HELP!!!

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asked Jan 15 in Studio One 4 by jamest4 (120 points)
I have an ART USB Mix.It has USB playback to ch 2 -ch 3. The only way I can hear anything from studio one while this device is connected is to activate that USB playback on the device.  However, lets say i add a rhythm track for track 1, then I go to record some lead on track 2, track 2 will will record what im playing as well as the 1st track at the same time. Can anyone help? Spent literally all day at the computer and phoning friends to try and figure this out with no success

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answered Jan 17 by wataruusami (220 points)
Hi Jamest4,

the ART website don't make it clear but probably only thing you can record from ART USB Mix is its main out. i saw some review said so. if you playback your tracks they'll be blended into main out, and that's the signal passed to S1.

if you can record stereo from the USB Mix, then simply swing all the previous tracks to left or right and record only other side will do what you need. i'm no sure it does record stereo, though.