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offline editor for StudioLive

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in UC Surface / Qmix by manfredschmitt1 (790 points)
edited Jul 15, 2018 by manfredschmitt1
Like to see an offline-editor with print option,

nearly every competitor has  a tool like this.

Setting up Routing / Channel Strips and Aux Mixes offline without having the Mixer at my Living Room and save my scene to SD Card.

Also printing the Channel and I/O routing for the stage planning and later on for the show would be helpful.   

Thats it,

Regards from Germany

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answered Jul 27, 2018 by jonnydoyle (402,390 points)
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This would be a feature request, you can make that request here, link:

Please check to see if its already been logged, if so you can vote for it.
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answered Apr 8, 2019 by ansheishalom (720 points)

UC Surface allows you to create and store a library of scenes. I would like to make changes to that scene offline and upload the changed scene to the mixer when I connect to the mixer. A scene is like a snapshot of your mix: It stores each Fat Channel parameter for every analog input, as well as each fader’s position, the aux and effects mixes, channel mutes and solos, etc. I can do this with other manufacturer's mixers. I should be able to do this with a PreSonus StudioLive. 

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answered Dec 4, 2019 by wapperdude (3,350 points)
Besides doing this via an SD card, also a thumb drive would be nice.  As UC Surface resides on a PC, using a thumb drive to load the settings into the app, and then export into the console would also be a nice scenario.  In fact, UC Surface could allow back and forth transfers via a thumbdrive between PCs in different locations.
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answered Dec 5, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,900 points)

You might want to take into consideration that this is no official feature request, because the thread was not posted in the right section. Your votes will not be seen and recognized by "the developers", whoever that might be.

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answered Jun 6, 2021 by jrmedecluzeau (850 points)
This is where the actual feature request is :