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iOS / Android Pattern or Midi Editor App for "Offline" Work

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asked Jul 17, 2018 in Editing by Wazatron (1,660 points)
I've seen a few requests similar to this, but none that actually hit the mark of what I'd love to see. There are plenty of Drum Editors out there, most pattern based, but I would LOVE to see something that is tightly integrated with Studio One.

When I travel I don't expect to take a rig with me to edit entire projects, but it would be SO productive to be able to work on patterns, drums, or simple Midi sequences through an app and then have that easily imported into a Song when connected to the home network.

If I could write drum tracks on a plane and then get to the home studio, load it up, and hit the ground recording.... man what a time saver and a huge boost in productivity. Seems like a good revenue source for PreSonus too, with in-app purchases of kits, synths, sound banks, etc. It seems to be a natural extension of the new pattern editor.

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