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Studio One 4 Artist not scanning plug-ins even with the add on.

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asked Jul 16, 2018 in Studio One 4 by yashshandilya (120 points)
edited Jul 16, 2018 by yashshandilya
I recently bought Studio One 4 Artist and the Third Party VST support add on with it. But it is not scanning any plugins. I reinstalled all the plugins and even tried to install them in the default locations, still nothing. Some forums suggested that anti virus might be causing the problem, but the problem persisted even after disabling the anti virus.

Also, when the software was starting, I noticed an error appear in it that says "Failed to start plug-in scan process"

Please help. I am running it on windows 10.

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answered Aug 3, 2018 by vitorscardua (140 points)
Same problem here. The SO3 loads ok, but the 4.0.1 no