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Need faster and more flexible ways for showing/hiding parts

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asked Jul 27, 2018 in Notion Feature Requests by lorenjerickson (1,160 points)
I find it very cumbersome to have to switch to the Score Setup view to show/hide parts.  I work primarily on orchestral works and have 30+ parts per score.  I would like a faster, more flexible way to show/hide parts without going to score config.  I'm envisioning a filter panel that lets me choose things like show parts that share a common clef (bass, treble, alto, etc), or by instrument type (brass, woodwind, etc.).  These filter options would need to be multi-select.  Show me just the woodwinds and choral parts, for example.  This would be incredibly valuable when vetting different parts against each other.  I would also like to quickly be able to restrict playback to the visible parts.

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