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I hear a click sound every 1/2 second while i playback and record anything and its super annoying! Any help?

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asked Aug 2, 2018 in Studio One 4 by alirahimi (150 points)
I hear a tick/click when i playback or record. even if I have an empty session with no tracks and press play, it makes that noise, ever 1/2 second. I can adjust it when I adjust the timing on the bottom to make it faster or slower but it won't completely turn off cause I can't set the timing to 0. HELP!

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answered Aug 4, 2018 by Bbd (13,450 points)
selected Aug 10, 2018 by benpierce
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Your issues sounds like the metronome! Did you turn it off?

Test with a new song and bring in just an audio loop. Turn off the metronome and hit Play. Do you still hear the click?