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How do I connect my presonus studio live 16r to my presonus hp60

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asked Aug 8, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by andrewwilliams21 (170 points)
Hi, I had to replace my firestudio project with a Studiolive 16r since I bought a new MacBook with usbc, on my firestudio I could connect my hp60 to it just fine and I was used to it but with this new studio live 16r I cannot wrap my head around it enough to figure out how to send for example Mic 1 on studio live to headphone port 1 on hp60 and for it to play sound. Ive messed with every setting possible and messed with it for about 4 hours with no luck so any help is much appreciated!!


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answered Oct 2, 2018 by benpierce (99,380 points)
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Connect from the mix outputs on the back of the 16R to the Ext Ins on the back of the HP60. Then in UC, select Mix 1, push up the channels you want to send to that headphone mix, and push up the master fader for Mix 1.  Repeat for all other mixes you want to create.
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answered Nov 5, 2018 by kevinfremgen (210 points)
you definetly need the Right 1/4 inch plugs on the HP 60 side. I got  special adapter, to insert a stereomix to input  A ... B ....

The ext inputs need a Stereo plug soldered to Mono. That took me some time to find out