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UC Surface - Can you ring out a mic channel and still use a vintage/tube EQ?

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asked Apr 14, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by plaidgadjo (250 points)
Hello all, I just bought a Studiolive 16R mixer and am trying to figure some things out...

If I want to "ring out" a mic on a channel, it appears that the GEQ is not available (on channels?) and that I would have to use the "Standard EQ" in the Fat Channel to do this. If I use the "Standard EQ" to surgically remove offending frequencies, I can't use one of the Modeled/Vintage/Tube EQ's as I can only use one.

My work around was to use the "flavored" EQ on my channel then send it to a subgroup (instead of the main) and then use the EQ in the subgroup for the ringing out process... the problem with this though, is that now I can't figure out how to include the subgroup into the AUX outs for my monitor mixes.

1) Is there a way to get the GEQ on individual channels?

2) What's the best way to ring out a channel and still use a modeled Fat Channel EQ after that?

3) Is there a way to include a subgroup in a monitor mix (as in the example above)?

Thank you!


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