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UC Surface - Can you ring out a mic channel and still use a vintage/tube EQ?

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asked Apr 14, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by plaidgadjo (270 points)
Hello all, I just bought a Studiolive 16R mixer and am trying to figure some things out...

If I want to "ring out" a mic on a channel, it appears that the GEQ is not available (on channels?) and that I would have to use the "Standard EQ" in the Fat Channel to do this. If I use the "Standard EQ" to surgically remove offending frequencies, I can't use one of the Modeled/Vintage/Tube EQ's as I can only use one.

My work around was to use the "flavored" EQ on my channel then send it to a subgroup (instead of the main) and then use the EQ in the subgroup for the ringing out process... the problem with this though, is that now I can't figure out how to include the subgroup into the AUX outs for my monitor mixes.

1) Is there a way to get the GEQ on individual channels?

2) What's the best way to ring out a channel and still use a modeled Fat Channel EQ after that?

3) Is there a way to include a subgroup in a monitor mix (as in the example above)?

Thank you!


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answered May 30, 2022 by derikcloete (620 points)
I agree 100%, having the ability to cut offending frequencies, and still have a second EQ to do tone/color would be great.

More than that, I would love a better implementation for Room EQ than the GEQ, something with a bit more precision than a GEQ.

To answer your question about EQ for Aux monitor sends, you can actually assign a GEQ for each output individually. Same as for main output. Select the Aux or Main channel, click on GEQ, click on Assign (right top in Universal Control) and make sure GEQ is switched on for that output) go back to GEQ and modify for each output. You can also save GEQ presets. I have a separate GEQ for FOH, and each Aux send in my 32R.