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UC Surface on iPad Labels have disappeared on channels. Now only icons appear

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asked Aug 9, 2018 in Ai Mixers by smills331 (180 points)
Out of the blue, my iPad UC Surface no longer displays the channel input names along with the icons as it once did. It now shows only icons. The mixer is an RM-16 ai. All devices have the most current firmware. When I get into the channels settings, the input shows to be correctly named. My CS-18ai shows correct names as well.

Please Help! This makes things very challenging during live performances.

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answered Oct 3, 2018 by johnandersen (2,220 points)
selected Oct 4, 2018 by jonnydoyle
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There is a setting in UC Surface on the iPad tab "Device Settings)

In the lower right hand corner there is a selection "Channel ID" which has a drop down menu.  Here you have 3 choices!  :-)