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Configuration please help me

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asked Aug 9 in EarMix 16M by jeffparent (140 points)

I’m ready to buy a configuration but I need some help to confirm my choices.

Here should be my setup

1-Analog channels (24) > RIO Dante > Yamaha CL5 + Dante card

2-Mac for Sequences > Dante > Yamaha CL5 + Dante card

3-MacMini with Dante software receiving 43 channels from RIO and direct out or groups from CL5


PRESONUS Studio Live Série III rack mixer 32 via USB for Outputs

This is for receiving 43 or more channels and routing > 32 outs (USB)

From the rack Mixer > 5 x EAR MIX 16

The MacMini is essentially because I can’t have AVB for EAR MIX and Dante Optional Card (even with others Presonus products)  I can also record the shows into this MacMini BUT should use a DAW with Audio configuration Dante inputs and USB outputs.

Is it ok ?

Do I absolutely need AVB switch ?

Thanx and sorry for my Frenchy English


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