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Help please audio configuration???

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asked Sep 12, 2019 in AudioBox USB by (180 points)
Ok i’m gonna break this down as much as I can to make this question short, So what i’m trying to do is use my audio box 96 With a mic and guitar going into studio one. I’m then trying to capture live audio as in what’s coming out of my audio box from studio one going into voicemeeter banana/potato to get it to Streamlabs Obs to Facebook live but I can’t get the live audio to come out of studio one, to voicemeeter I have my audio box selected at my audio device in studio one, just need some help. So here’s how the process will run (“Usb AudioBox 96 > studio one 4”) (“Studio one 4 > voicemeeter banana/potato”) (“voicemeeter banana/potato > Streamlabs Obs”) (“Streamlabs Obs > Facebook live.”)

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answered Sep 18, 2019 by oliverjack (140 points)

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Is there any solution of this issue?

Olivia Jack

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answered May 2 by joesparks1 (270 points)
I'm looking for answers as well. (Please help us OBS + Voicemeeter + Studio One pros!) I would like to livestream with Studio One, but I have yet to get it working properly. I tried using Voicemeeter Banana with audiobox iTwo. Gave up and bought a Soundcraft notepad 12fx (pretty cool) but still cannot record properly while livestreaming with Voicemeeter into Streamlabs OBS. It look like I might need to have a separate USB head phones with a separate USB mic so that the monitoring can be separated at the audio driver/windows/system level.