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Double Album Option in Project mode

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asked Aug 23, 2018 in Mastering by HoodedQobra (260 points)
I asked a question if there was an option for this..

But if there isn’t it, I would like to request that as an update..

Because not all projects are one disc, some (like the one I am about to work on next) are 2 or more discs...and if it is to be saved as a complete digital release, it would need to be under one project, not two separate projects, I would think.

Since after 80min you cannot add any more songs to project...

Also I understand the 80min cutoff,

But I also feel it should allow you to go over, just show where the cut off is, because in many cases, people record more songs than will be on final album, it is nice to have them all in the project, then after arranging and coming to a final track list, remove the ones that will not be used in it..

Thank you.

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