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Update Mastering Files Dialog in Project Page should include the option “use realtime processing”

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asked Nov 17, 2019 in Mastering by andrrippstein (3,570 points)
edited Nov 17, 2019 by andrrippstein

Some times a mixdown of a song can only be correctly exported using the option “use realtime processing”. See this link for detailed problem description. Unfortunately Studio One does not save the “use realtime processing” option on a per song basis when saving the song. Instead the state of the “use realtime processing” option is saved globally. When I open the project page, Studio One does prompt me with the “Update Mastering Files” Dialog. When I choose to update the tracks, Studio One does export the selected Songs automatically in “non-realtime” mode. The exported song then does not sound correct.

Therefore Studio One should include the option “use realtime processing” in the “Update Mastering Files” Dialog. The option should be preselected according the state last saved within the song.

PS: My current workaround is to include an instance of Pipeline XT on a channel. This forces Studio One to always use the option “use realtime processing”.

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