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Studio One V4 Prime

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asked Aug 23, 2018 in Studio One 4 by rajooramaneyah (150 points)
I work as a freelance  live sound technician and totally new to DAW recording. I have downloaded and installed the free version i.e Studio One V4 Prime. I have also downloaded the necessary extensions (soundsets and loop library). Now, can I try doing a recording, just using the downloaded soundsets and library, without connecting any external devices. I dont seem to understand the reference manual, as nothing is mentioned about what need to be done or connected before even  doing the  "setup". and creating a song. Please can you provide a more basic information as I am totally new.


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answered Aug 24, 2018 by pauldecesare (4,380 points)
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It's a little robotic but it's the best 15 minutes you can spend to get up and running on Studio One:

Also go to your My.PreSonus account and click on Studio One in your list of software you own. If you scroll down there should be training videos by PreSonus. There are for the Pro version, but you'll have to look for Prime (which is basically Artist now).

Lastly, for more comprehensive training, spend $25 for a month of all access to's Studio One Vids, there are TONS of training vids, and since Studio One Prime is older, I suggest you watch the Studio One 2 videos, because the version 3 videos build on that, then eventually when you upgrade to v4 there are videos covering those new features as well (don't worry about the prices of each course, you can watch by streaming 24/7 for a month for 25 bucks). When you see training vids that just say Studio One without a version number, those usually refer to the first version which is too old, I'd avoid those. But starting with the Studio One 2 vids is the best route IMO. It's how I learned, and it's the only DAW I've ever used since I got started in this 5 years ago. I'm also a long time FOH engineer who fell into audio recording and now MIDI orchestration... you're on the right track going with Studio One.

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answered Aug 23, 2018 by mendyka (190 points)
Although I'm not sure what Studio One "Prime" is, but here are some general things you would need to have to get started...

First... you need to have a way to get the audio you want to record into Studio One...  In particular an audio/midi interface where you plug your microphone or instrument into the interface; sing or play your instrument while recording it in Studio One.  PreSonus makes a few models.  And you need either a set of headphones connected to the interface so you can hear what is being recorded.  If you're just starting out, the price of "monitor" speakers can be a bit daunting, so headphones are good for entry level recording.      That's the short of it, but the best way to learn is to watch videos for beginners wanting to record music or vocals. has many, many videos you can watch on your computer, iPad, or smart phone.  Best wishes.