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Will TRACT System Calibration work with Smaart on my Studiolive mixer

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asked Aug 23, 2018 in Ai Mixers by stephenhardy1 (210 points)
Hi! I am just wondering if  TRACT System Calibration will work with my studiolive mixer. I am in a band and most of the time, I don't get much time to set up, so using this program to quickly and accurately tune my system would be a game changer of me, and I am sure other people in the same situation. And if this won't work, is there any suggestion of a way to flatten things out quickly? I am all ears and very open to suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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answered Aug 24, 2018 by jonnydoyle (403,360 points)
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Smaart on the AI console is different to the full Smaart that you can purchase as a stand alone product. TRACT System Calibration states it works with any major DAW, so you could run it via Studio One. I'd reach out to TRACT System Calibration for more details on who to intergrate it into your setup.