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Keep some tracks unaffected by the Arranger Track

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asked Aug 30, 2018 in Editing by Revolver Junkie (1,290 points)
I like to have a few commercially released reference tracks at the top of my arrangement so I can easily do A/B comparisons of my own song to the commercial tracks. However, when I use the Arranger track, the reference tracks get chopped up and rearranged in accordance with the rearrangements and repetitions I make using the Arranger.

I would like it if my reference tracks could be unaffected by the Arranger track (perhaps by dragging the reference tracks above the Arranger track, or something like that). This might also be useful if the composition includes long audio or midi tracks such as ambient sounds, pads or speech, that the user does not want to have chopped and rearranged by the Arranger.

Thanks for considering this or for suggesting a workaround!

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