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ATOM Pad Controller with other DAWs (Ableton Live 10)

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Atom Pad Controllers by justinkwak (150 points)
Does ATOM Pad Controller integrate into other DAWs, specifically Ableton Live 10?

If so, how does it integrate? Using what protocol?

Just plain ol' MIDI or a special protocol (Maybe MCU?) to send transport and other control parameters?

Will there be Ableton Live session view (triggering clips) support?


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answered Oct 2, 2018 by PreSonuSales2 (68,090 points)
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ATOM has the freedom to be assigned to virtually any piece of software via MIDI.

Further information on the specific integration with Ableton will be available around the time when ATOM begins shipping.

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answered Jul 25, 2019 by canoz (180 points)

Has this been answered already? Is there an Ableton script for the ATOM ??