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Registration Invalid when trying to register my ATOM Pad Controller

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asked Dec 22, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by kcwortham (130 points)
This is the most frustrated I think I have ever been with music equipment and i am a first time buyer of presonus. The customer service is absolute garbage, if my problem even gets fixed this will be the last time I ever buy from them.

I have been trying to register my ATOM Pad Controller for well over a week. Here has been the **** show that Presonus has put me through.

1. I receive an "invalid registration" when entering my serial number (Yes, it is the correct number labeled on the bottom of the product, I know it by memory now from trying it over and over again.)

2. When I submit a ticket, it just sits in a queue never to confirm that I even sent in a ticket and there is no evidence I did.

3. I have called the tech support number and explained problems 1 and 2 to them and of course all they do is redirect me to an automated message of how to submit a support ticket online

4. I cannot speak with a representative via the internet because "you have to have a product registered prior to getting support"

This is an absolute mess, I have no idea how others have handled this situation of right now I am not happy with the product nor the support.

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