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Is the "robot voice" sound that shows up on new tracks when recording a problem with my Audiobox or something else?

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in AudioBox USB by yanaimorris (120 points)
Every time I record a lot of successive tracks, after a while the track being recorded starts off lagging behind the moving line that shows the current position (position marker? please help out with the name for this line if you know).  On playback, the sound of that track is sped up and distorted like a bad robot voice.

I thought the computer (HP Pavilion laptop) overheating may have been the cause, but when I solved that issue the robot voice phenomena persisted.  The DAW I'm using is Mixcraft 8, but I'm assuming it's an interface issue.  It's a 2 channel USB Audiobox.  The solutions I've considered are unplugging and replugging the USB, checking for new drivers and uninstalling and reinstalling.  I thought I'd check here first in case anyone had any definite fixes.

Thanks, Yanai

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