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Recommendation for the best big, clean, simple reverb?

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Studio One 4 by kurtkirton (130 points)

I'm running Studio One 4 on a PC. All of the reverbs I spent a while picking through were either too wild, metallic, odd, or not what I'm looking for. I want something simple, big, and clean like the vox at the beginning of this song:

I have the built in reverb plugins that come with StudioOne 4. Can anyone tell me which one will sound like my example song (and any tweaks I might need to make to it to get this sound)? Thank you very much.  

--Kurt in Nashville 

2 Answers

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by alberthislop (1,000 points)
I have not found the Presonus Mixverb or Room Reverb useful so far.  I do like the 480 Hall in Open Air in the Medium Halls folder.  Other Open Air stuff is nice also.  Another Verb I like is UVI Sparkverb, costs $129 though.
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answered Oct 24, 2018 by hajoherz (890 points)
Hello, you could buy VST-PlugIns from Lexicon. I have made good experiences with them.

Regards from Germany,