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Cargo plugins en inserts pero no aparecen, studio one 4 / Charge plugins in inserts but they don't appear, studio one 4

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asked Sep 30, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by martngamboa (170 points)
Buenas, hay algunos inserts que me aparecen sin problemas cuando los agrego en la pista, pero otros no hacen nada, no aparecen. Tampoco encuentro la opción de VST Plugins en Ubicaciones. No tenía el problema en Studio One 3 pero si en el 4, me pueden ayudar? Gracias !

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Good, there are some inserts that appear to me without problems when I add them on the track, but others do nothing, they do not appear. Nor can I find the option of VST Plugins in Locations. I didn't have the problem in Studio One 3 but if in 4, can you help me? Thank you !

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answered Feb 26, 2020 by AlexTinsley (917,810 points)
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We've had several updates since the original question was asked.

Update to latest firmware release to resolve your issue.
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answered Apr 3, 2019 by hooverchavez (170 points)
hola, tengo un problema. cuando cargo alguno plugs de waves no se ven las imagen en la ventana, o parpadea y desaparece y no puedo realizar ninguna configuracion ni nada. ayuda

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hello I have a problem. When I load some wave plugs, the image is not visible in the window, or it blinks and disappears and I cannot make any settings or anything. help
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answered Jan 6, 2020 by danirt (170 points)
tengo el mismo problema.