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Studio One as framework with marketplace

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asked Oct 6, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Mikayy (2,430 points)
This is not a feature request, but an idea of how Presonus could initiate a paradigm shift in the DAW market that goes well beyond the current way to extend DAW’s with plugins.

Many software products, like the Unreal Engine, can be extended by third-party products that can be bought in their marketplace. Imagine a DAW built upon this idea. You could have exactly the mixer, midi editor, score editor, chord editors, algorithmic composition algorithms (e.g. Max for Studio One), workflows, macros,... you want. And you may not just want one of each tool, but maybe several, because each tool has their strengths or inspires you in a different way (e.g., midi vs notation).
Such a DAW would be simply unbeatable because this could satisfy the needs of their users much better and faster. And each of these tools has the full attention of its creators, which is difficult for DAW creators because as the feature set increases, the effort to maintain and improve all features grows non-linearly. This would attract many software developers in the field, that otherwise couldn’t push their ideas, because they do not have the resources to make their own DAW. This is as if Presonus suddenly got hundreds of additional software developers.

And PreSonus gets their fair share in the form of a steady stream of cash with every sold plugin while they completely focus on the Studio One core (e.g., engine performance, development of standards, inbuilt network functionality like Vienna Ensemble Pro, etc.). This could quickly transform the DAW market in a winner takes it all market.

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