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Bugged automation with third party VSTis

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asked Mar 18 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by seanbarry4 (120 points)

For certain third party plugins, your automation is extremely limited and frustrating. I actually have to use another DAW entirely just to automate certain plugins in my signal chains. The arrow tool automation drawing is limited to steps, I can't draw lines or curves. I do not have this issue in Ableton or FL Studio. It only does this for certain plugins and Studio One is the only DAW I'm experiencing this issue with. Here is a more clear example of what I'm talking about.

Before you suggest, no, I'm not using the paint tool to draw in 1000 steps. That's a headache to precisely edit and manage. Again, I've used this exact same VSTi in other DAWs and I have no trouble automating lines and curves. Can you please fix this? I'm trying to use Studio One exclusively, but when you have limitations like this, I have to look elsewhere.

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