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How can I reassign USB inputs to other channels than a one-to-one way?

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by christianpolonio (120 points)


I'm a proud owner of a new StudioLive 16R Series III :-). 

Everything works fine except one thing: As soon as I try to reassign USB inputs to different channels (let's say: USB 1 to channel 5 and UBS 2 to channel 6), I get "random" results.

On the other hand, everything works fine, if I try to do the same with analog inputs. So I thought, that I got the concept of the whole digital patching thing...

What makes me wonder the most: The default patching of audio inputs is a "diagonal line":

However the default USB routing (after pressing "Master Reset" for USB inputs) looks like this:

As soon as I touch this routing, I do not even get the same results when entering the above schema again.

What I am able to do:

* I can send audio signals from a MacOS computer via USB to the different channels of the 16R as long as I do not change the digital patching for USB inputs.
* I can hear the audio signal from the USB interface in the channels / in the MAIN MIX / using the phones output
* After changing the digital patching for USB inputs (which scrambles the routing in a way, I do not understand), I can press the "Master Reset" button and everything is fine again. However, I am back in the 1->1 / 2->2 / ... mode - and I get the strange image (see screenshot above)

My device is running the firmware 1.9.14636, the UC app shows the version and I get the same results on an iPad (same UC version).

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Best regards



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