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StudioLive Series III 16 USB kills sound from channel

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asked Jun 8, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by Nirrad85 (2,020 points)
Hey All,

   I'm seeing everyone on youtube setup UC control and their StudioLive Mixers to work with Studio One in a live setting where they can add plugins as effects...or other people use Waves Multirack...On my studiolive series III 16, once I tell UC to change a channel from analog to USB, I no longer get any sound from that mic...analog works just fine, but no levels show up on the mixer or in UC control when the USB button is engaged...I've watch tons of videos and everyone is doing essentially the same thing I'm doing...The only difference in some cases is that they have firewire...what am I doing wrong?

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answered Jun 27, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,690 points)
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When changing the input source to USB this is effectively telling the console to use the USB source for input signal on that particular channel, not the analog microphone or line input on the physical mixer.

When using the Series III with Studio One 3 you can open a new Song using the StudioLive 32 Session template which automatically sets up all the channels and I/O routing. Each channel is routed 1 to 1 meaning Channel 1 in Studio One is using Channel 1 from the console for both the input source and the output source. This effectively let's the signal from the input of the console go to Studio One for processing and then be sent back to the channel on the console for mixing control.

The other thing that you will notice about the StudioLive 32 template is that every track in Studio One is record enabled and monitor enabled. The channels don't necessarily need to be record enabled for audio to pass through Studio One in this particular case, however, the channels do need to be monitor enabled for audio to pass through Studio One back to the console.
asked Oct 18, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by Trucky (7,350 points)
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StudioLive 32 Session template?