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Adaptive Snap

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by januarimusic (90 points)
Hey. recently installed your program and wondered at one thing.
Program navigation is good and modern, but the adaptive snap mode (IMHO) does not work correctly.
if you zoom out, events (clips, regions) are not attached to the visible grid, but cling to the "invisible" grid lines, exactly like in "bar" mode. "adaptive" mode should not work as well as "bar" mode.
I make a zoom out in order to move the clips (events) over a wide range and I want them to be attached to the grid that I see, but they do not.
and instead of quickly placing the clips where I want, I have to align them to the grid for a few minutes.
You could modify this system and make it as in Ableton, namely, adaptive snap should work only along visible grid lines.

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