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Snap Transient to Timeline

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asked Jan 8 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by stevejohns3 (260 points)
Here is my goal:

Given an audio event in which transients have been detected and their lines are now visible, I want to drag the whole event in time in order to line up a particular transient with a bar line,   Of course, I want Snap to assist with this.

IOW, a particular transient is designated as the "Snap Point" and the event can then be dragged around and the entire event gets located according to where the "Snap Point" is placed (typically snapped to a bar line).

To be as clear as I can here, I am *not* talking about bending or stretching the audio at all.  I am talking about locating an entire event in time using a chosen spot (typically a transient) within that event as the reference point.

If this is already doable, please advise.    Thanks!
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answered Jan 19 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,500 points)
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