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VST Blacklist/Cakewalk adaptive limiter

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asked Jan 27 in Studio One 4 by richardskelt (470 points)

I transitioned to S1 v3 18 month ago from Sonar, where I used the Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter (CWAL) a lot.  However the plugin didn't seem to work as expected in S1 - so I blacklisted it.  I have recently heard from a new S1 user that the CWAL works just fine in S1(he had screenshots of it working) in S1 v4 so I want to check this out.  But I can't get it to register. The plugin continues to work perfectly in Sonar. All the other vst and vst3 plugs including other cakewalk plugs work fine   I have:

Reset the black list in S1 V3 and S1 V4

Re-entered the path to the .vst3 file

closed down and restarted the computer but no joy. The V4  vst blacklst log file says this:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Settings xmlns:x="" name="VstBlacklist" version="1"/>

I originally excluded CWALin S1 V3  could this be affecting S1 V4?  I can't get V3 to recognise CWAL either.

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answered Jan 28 by Tom B (660 points)
AFAIK, the Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter is locked to Cakewalk/SONAR. This topic has appeared on the Cakewalk forum in the past.

To confirm, I tried these steps using Studio One V4:  When inserting the Adaptive Limiter, a popup appears saying "The Adaptive Limiter is only available to be used in SONAR version 23.5.0 or higher."  The plugin will appear in S1 V4 and can be opened, but it is disabled.

You might ask the question on the new Cakewalk Forum too.

Hope this helps, even though it might not be the answer you wanted.
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answered Jan 29 by richardskelt (470 points)

That's what I thought, but recently I had a correspondence on the Cakewalk C/SUG Facebook page where the user said he had got it working and posted this picture - hence my question. You can see the full correspondence  at