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Set up Alesis DM 10 MKii and EXDRUMMER

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asked Nov 3, 2018 in Studio One by charlesrouse (480 points)
I am new to Studio One, and have used Mixcraft 8 Pro (and its predecessors) up until now. I am very flustered at the moment, and while this may be a very basic matter, I cannot get it straightened out.

I am trying to use my Alesis DM10 MKii to trigger a drum track. Nothing I do gets the drums to work in Studio One.

In "options", I have tried all the available Send To/Receive From options with no luck. I do not know the proper way to configure this.

I HAD a (Keith McMillen) K-Board set up which actually showed up in and triggered my EXDRUMMER plug in. It also showed up in the drop down on the EZDRUMMER screen. I haven't gotten the DM10 to do either.

I have the DM10 connected to the PC via USB (and it works flawlessly in MC8)

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Interface

Not sure what other information is needed to get this resolved, but at the moment I am not enjoying the 30 day demo and I hope to get this and a few other issues resolved quickly. Thanks!

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