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Softube MixTape not processing everything + cpu issues

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asked Nov 6, 2018 in Studio One 4 by petarsakic (140 points)

I recently bought Softube Tape and Ive been using it only on master channel as mix fx in latest version of Studio One Pro. I have two problems with it:

1) when I add Tape to mix fx on master channel, I can see those little orange boxes on some instrument channels (which indicates the channel is processed by mix fx), but I dont see orange box on all channels/instruments? I tried with passthrough and without it, always the same, Multi Track Tape mix fx doesnt process all instruments/channels as it supposed to. Any solution to this problem? To me it looks like it picks random channels, a bug...

2) cpu usage when using Softube tape on mix fx master channel is crazy, around 25 to 40%, depenends on the size of the project. And my pc is okish for todays standards: i7 7700k, 32 gb ram, RME Babyface Pro running on 88.2 khz @ 256 buffer. When not using Tape as mix fx on master channel, I usually have no problems at all with any projects and full mixes, but with Tape, sometimes it starts to crackle. Can this be optimized?

Thank you!

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