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Why does my live sound go mute when I select the Firewire Input on my 24.4.2?

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asked Nov 6 in Classic Mixers by dmart8 (150 points)
The only way Capture will record my session is if I select the Firewire Input button on my 24.4.2. When I select that button, my live sound goes mute. How do I continue to get live sound when selecting the Firewire Input button on any given channel?

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answered Nov 8 by jonnydoyle (86,270 points)
selected Nov 8 by jonnydoyle
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Selecting the firewire as the input source for a channel will over ride the analog input, they is the correct workings of that feature. Capture is a basic multi tracking tool that recording post pre amp from the mixer.

I would suggest a factory reset of mixer and re-test, if the issue remains, log a support ticket.