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Can you add Nashville numbers to the chord track feature?

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asked Nov 7, 2018 in Recording by bentravis (650 points)
The chord track feature is brilliant.  Could you add the ability to use "Nashville numbers" in place of chords?  That makes it easier for guys like me to, for example, record a bass track while watching the chords float by in the right timing.  It's also still a little tedious to make changes in the chords that are incorrectly identified, but I realize this is a new feature and that it will be refined.


Ben Travis

Nashville, TN

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answered Oct 11 by lbolen (660 points)
Yes...indeed...I was just looking through the manual trying to figure out how to enable this to Numbers instead of Chords.

Number system is the standard in every studio I've ever been in for charting (especially if someone suddenly wants to transpose) and I'm not sure why it's not implemented in this awesome DAW.

Thanks in advance!